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63inch JUNXING Recurve Bow Set Traditional American Hunting Bow 25-60lbs

63inch JUNXING Recurve Bow Set Traditional American Hunting Bow 25-60lbs

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🌿 Elevate Your Archery Game with the JUNXING Hunting Bow 🏹

If you're a passionate bowhunter or an aspiring archer, the JUNXING Hunting Bow is your ultimate ticket to precision and power. Crafted with precision and designed for excellence, this bow is your trusted partner in the world of archery.

🎨 Choose Your Style: Available in sleek Black, subtle Grey, or striking Green, the JUNXING Hunting Bow allows you to express your unique style while you conquer the outdoors.

🪶 Top-Notch Materials: The bow's riser is meticulously machined from 7075 Aluminum Alloy, guaranteeing durability and strength. The bow limbs feature a composite construction of glassfiber and bamboo laminate, with a high-strength ABS tip and epoxy socket wedge. This is a bow designed to last.

🪢 Premium Bowstring: The two-color mixed 8190 bowstring not only adds a touch of elegance but also offers reliable performance.

🏹 Customizable Draw Weight: With draw weight options ranging from 25 to 60 pounds, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect poundage that suits your skill level and hunting needs.

🚀 Impressive Speed: The JUNXING Hunting Bow delivers an astonishing 210 feet per second (FPS), ensuring your arrows hit their target with lightning speed and precision.

🤲 Comfortable Grip: The 19-inch grip provides exceptional comfort and control, enhancing your shooting experience.

🪖 All-Inclusive Package: The factory configuration leaves no archery need unmet. You'll receive everything you need for your archery journey, from the bow itself to a pair of stabilizers, arm and hand guards, a chest guard, and even a quiver for your arrows. Plus, target pins, string wax, target paper, and a protective bow case. It's all there.

🏹 Maximize Your Draw Length: With a maximum draw length of 32 inches (81cm), this bow accommodates a wide range of archers, allowing you to find your ideal draw length.

🌟 Precision and Versatility: Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, the JUNXING Hunting Bow is designed for accuracy and adaptability, making it a versatile choice for target practice or hunting expeditions.

📏 Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • IB0 Speed: 210FPS
  • String Size: 59.1 inches (150cm)
  • Brace Height: Adjustable between 19cm and 21cm

📦 What's in the Box:

  • Recurve Bow
  • Pair of Stabilizers
  • Arm Guard
  • Hand Guard
  • Chest Guard
  • Bow Limbs Stabilizer Patch
  • Arrow Puller
  • Arrow Quiver
  • Target Pins
  • String Wax
  • Target Paper
  • Bow Case
  • Spine 500 Mix Carbon Arrows

📏 Note: Manual measurements may have slight variations, so please refer to the actual product for precise information.

🏆 Upgrade Your Archery Arsenal: Take your archery skills to new heights with the JUNXING Hunting Bow. Order now and experience the perfect fusion of precision, power, and style in your archery endeavors.

Unleash your inner archer and seize your hunting destiny! 🌟

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